General Data Marts Available

Financial Records This data mart is used primarily by individuals with budget and financial oversight to analyze account detail and summary data.  These analyses include the Budget Variance Analysis reports used for monitoring  previous and current actual revenue and expenses  vs. seasonalized budget amounts.  The data custodians are Marlena Diaz  and Luis Dongo. The data is refreshed monthly.
Human Resources Used by individuals with human resources oversight, this data mart contains assignment, employee and labor data. The data custodians are Mary Eymann-Reyes (Coral Gables/Marine School) and Nancy Alonso (Medical School).With the move to WorkDay this is now only for historical data. The data was last refreshed on March 31, 2015.
Current Student Reporting The information regarding Student Attributes is now available in OBIEE. Student attributes as well as course and curriculum attributes and metrics are utilized for reporting.  Access to this data mart is handled by the Registrar's Office. The data is refreshed nightly..
Student Admissions This data is now also available through OBIEE and contains the attributes and metrics associated with prospective students.  Areas of analysis include market segment, admission status and correlations between GPA and admission tests.  The data is refreshed nightly.
Prepare Miami This data mart provides emergency and evacuation contact information for students, faculty, and employees. The data custodians are Mary Eymann-Reyes (Coral Gables/Marine School) and Nancy Alonso (Medical School). The data is refreshed daily.
USpace Reporting This data mart contains allocation, ownership, and functional information that can be used for space management. Data is available for all campuses. Information is provided from the room to the campus level. The data custodian is Andrew Williams. The data is updated weekly.
United Way This data mart is active during the annual United Way fundraising campaign and is used by Campaign managers and Ambassadors.The data custodian will be determined by the Campaign Manager. The data is refreshed weekly.