Psychological Services Center Research

The Psychological Services Center provides individual and group therapy, as well as psychoeducational assessment services to infants, kids, adolescents, and adults. As part of an emphasis on program evaluation, the clinic is developing an ongoing research protocol that will integrate research from many faculty members from the child, health, and adult tracks.

Dr. Jill Ehrenreich, Dr. Kiara Timpano
Anxiety Treatment Clinic:
This program provides state-of-the-art treatment for people with anxiety disorders.  This clinic provides traditional once-a-week treatment, but will also have intensive treatment for people around the country. There are many research projects happening in the clinic including studies with eye-tracking, psychophysiology, and soon functional brain imaging.  Clinic Website

Dr. Saneya H. Tawfik
Program for Emotional Problems in Children (PEP-C):
This program focuses on serving children from the Miami-Dade County Public School (MDCPS) system. With the assistance of the Jane Lawton Trust, this past year PEP-C has provided low-cost community-based direct services to a number of families and their children identified by MDCPS counselors, teachers, and school psychologists as having emotional problems. Email Dr. Tawfik for more information