Architecture Research

Dr. Sonia Chao
Collaborative Development Corperation (formerly Coconut Grove Collaborative):
Collaborative Development Corporation (CDC) is a private, nonprofit community development corporation whose mission is to plan, coordinate and execute neighborhood revitalization projects, expand affordable housing availability, and increase employment opportunities In South Florida.  On November 14, 2001, Coconut Grove residents and business owners came together with the assistance the University of Miami to formulate the Coconut Grove Collaborative to unify and advance efforts to revitalize the place they call “home”.  The project promotes the social, economic and physical renaissance of the West Grove neighborhood. UM students, majoring in a variety of academic disciplines including architecture, history and communications, captured the history and the spirit of the community by creating oral histories, photographs, cultural maps and architectural drawings of the people and places of West Grove. Their initial work was showcased in an original video documentary that was shown at a community block party in May of 2002. One of the goals of the project is to continue assisting the community, increasing the supply of affordable houses compatible with the history of the neighborhood. The Master Plan proposal was adopted by the City of Miami and built accordingly – completed in 2007. The study of the neighborhood led to the declaration of a neighborhood historic overlay district, protecting the original wood frame constructions built by the early Bahamian settlers. Collaborative Development Corporation’s Website