3rd Annual Impact Conference
April 23rd - 25, 2012. Part of Sustainatopia.

April 19 - 25, 2012.


GreenPrint: Our Design for a Sustainable Future
Miami-Dade County’s plan for a sustainable future, 2010.

Informal Science Education Evidence Wiki
The Informal Science Education Evidence Wiki exists to support a public discussion of the case for informal science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.


ASU Campuses: A Living Solar Laboratory
ASU boasts the largest single university solar system in the US, article by ASU News, 2012.

Could Detroit Become the Silicon Valley of Social Entrepreneurship?
A look into social entrepreneurship in Detroit, article by Sarah Schmid from Xconomy, 2011.


Breaking the Food Chains: An Investigation of Food Justice Activism

Ethnographic discussion of two activist groups working on food, health, race, and class, article by Alison Hope and kari Marie Norgaard in Sociological Inquiry 79:3, 289-305, 2009.

Double Pyramid: Healthy Food for People, Sustainable Food for the Planet
The “double food pyramid” positions foods not only according to nutritional criteria but also in terms of their impact on the environment, report by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, n.d.

Facts and Figures on Florida Farmworkers
Facts and figures regarding the stark realities of agricultural workers, published by the Coalition for Immokalee Workers, 2004.

Like Machines in the Fields: Workers without Rights in American Agriculture.
A report on the dehumanizing conditions faced by migrant farmworkers in the US, report by Oxfam, 2004.

Mining for Justice in the Food System: Perceptions, Practices, and Possibilities
Treatment of the links between local food, environmental sustainability, and social inequality movements, article by Patricia Allen in Agriculture and Human Values 25,157-161, 2008.

Rights on the Line: Human Rights Watch Work on Abuses against Migrants in 2010.
A study of the conditions faced by migrants globally. The section on the US focuses on farmworkers and advocates for reform of the Fair Labor Standards Act to cover agricultural workers, report by the Human Rights Watch, 2010.

Want Amid Plenty: From Hunger to Inequality
Discussion of and activism about hunger often fails to address its root cause of inequality, article by Janet Poppendieck in the Monthly Review 50:3,125-138, 1998.