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ENG 395 / HIS 367 / AMS 301

This course presents the culture and history of the 1960s in the United States through writings, film, music, and the experiences of faculty members who participated in important events during this era of major conflict and change.  The course title appears in quotation marks because we are less concerned about the precise time frame than in evoking the atmosphere of a period associated with the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, the Antiwar Movement, widespread college campus activism, urban unrest, and the Women’s Movement.  We also will address how the sciences played a role in 1960s culture—this was a decade when anxiety about nuclear war was prominent, the Space Race was in full swing, and concerns about ecology became widespread. 

The course format will be a blend of lecture, discussion, film screenings, and panel presentations of first-hand accounts by eyewitnesses to events of the 1960s.  Additionally, as part of our effort to make connections between the ideas and events of the 1960s and contemporary life outside the academy, we will offer students the option to fulfill part of the course requirements through service-learning work in a variety of settings away from the U.M. campus in conjunction with the Office of Civic and Community Engagement. There will be no effort to exclude anyone of any political persuasion either past or present.  Indeed, opposing points of view are encouraged.  We think that something as complex and multifaceted as “The Sixties” requires a range of personal perspectives and interpretations, for even today the era of “The Sixties” provokes passionate responses from those who were there as well as those who were not. 

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“The Sixties” is one of the courses included in our Focus on Affordable Housing.

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