U.S. – Latin America Policy Task Force

September – December 2007

“Strengthening Institutions: The United States and the Democratic Consolidation in Latin America”
by Patricio Navia, Adjunct Professor, New York University and Professor of Political Science, Universidad Diego Portales - Santiago, Chile.

“U.S. Policy toward the Hemisphere: New Ideas for a New Administration”
by Albert Fishlow, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University.

“The Americas and the 2008 Elections: Ideas for Renewed Engagement”
by Roger Noriega, Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

“Toward Improved U.S. Policies for Latin America and the Caribbean: A Memo to the Next U.S. President”
by Abraham F. Lowenthal, Robert F. Erburu Professor of Ethics, Globalization and Development and Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California.