Democracy and Competitiveness in Latin America Task Force

September – December 2006

“Competitiveness and Democracy”
by Dr. Richard Feinberg of the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego.

“The Way Forward in Latin America”
by Dr. John Williamson of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

“Chronicle of a Bust Foretold”
by Dr. John Murphy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Latin America’s Educational Challenge”
by Rodrigo Arboleda of The Globis Group LLC and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“Latin America and the Caribbean: Taking Stock and Moving Forward on Global Competitiveness”
by Dr. José Luis Guasch of The World Bank.

“Democracy and Competiveness in Latin America”
by Dr. Carol Wise of the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California.

“Why is Mexico not Growing Faster?”
by Dr. Manuel Suárez-Mier of the Embassy of Mexico, Washington, D.C.

“Brazil’s Competitiveness Paradigm: Openness, Growth and Contestability”
by Mario Marconini of ManattJonesMarconini Global Strategies.