Susan Kaufman Purcell, director of the Center for Hemispheric Policy, is a regular contributor to AméricaEconomía, a leading business magazine in Latin America. Published since 1986, it is the business magazine read by many Latin-American CEOs.

May 2015—The New Normal in Latin America

February 2015—Back to Normal

September 2014—Two Competitors in the Region

May 2014—A Magical Realist Region

February 2014—Reform with Reservations

August 2013—Economies in Decline

June 2013—Latin America’s Support for Roberto Azevedo

March 2013—Battle of Giants

December 2012—Petroleum Geopolitics

September 2012—Two Visions

May 2012—Wrong Time and Place

March 2012—Guarded Diagnosis

December 2011—Geopolitical Shifts

November 2011—Drug Trafficking

October 2011—Carbon Footprint

October 2011—Globalization Task Force: the Decade of Latin American or a Footnote to the Asian Century?

October 2011—Mexico Task Force

September 2011—A Premature Theory

September 2011—Women in the Americas: Empowerment and Leadership

September 2011—Women in the Americas: Women Advancing Political Leadership

September 2011—Women in the Americas: Influencing the Economic and Development Agendas

July 2011—A More Mature Relationship

May 2011—Poverty Alleviation in Latin America

May 2011—Poverty Reduction: What Works and Why

April 2011— Carbon Footprint Task Force

February 2011—Not Dead Yet

November 2010—Positive Nationalism

October 2010—Organized Crime in the Western Hemisphere

October 2010—Brazilian Energy Sector Overview

October 2010—Political Economy of National Oil Companies in Latin America

September 2010—Constraints on U.S. Policy

July 2010—More than to the Right, the Region Moves toward the Center

June 2010—Why Greece is Important to Latin America

April 2010—Pulling Away

February 2010—New Opportunity

December 2009—Learning Experience

October 2009— False Security

August 2009— Magical Realism

June 2009— The Appropriate Equilibrium

April 2009—Financial Populism

February 2009—Too Many Expectations

December 2008—21st Century Capitalism

November 2008—Debatable Assumptions about the Crisis

October 2008—It’s Up to Brazil

September 2008—Close Race

August 2008—Stalemate

June 2008—Better Alone than in Bad Company

May 2008—Democracy and Poverty

April 2008—Cultural Obstacles

February 2008—Relevant Elections

January 2008—Chávez’s Goals

November 2007—Geopolitical Change

October 2007—Not Dead Yet

September 2007—The Lesson of Petrobras

July 2007—The New Bush Policy

June 2007—A Question of Credit

May 2007—Energy and Development

April 2007—Erroneous Benchmarking

March 2007—Bush’s Visit to Latin America

January 2007— Misunderstood Revolution

December 2006—The Real Center

November 2006—The Two Options

October 2006—Bad Representative

August 2006—New Threat

June 2006—Declining Influence

May 2006—Divided Continent

April 2006—The New Borders

February 2006—The Two Faces of China

December 2005—Less to the left

November 2005—The Good Side of the Scandals

October 2005—The Next Summit

September 2005—The Past, Again

August 2005—Ambivalence

June 2005—Ungoverned

May 2005—The Danger of Chavez

April 2005—The Different Lefts

March 2005—Disunited

Artículos Publicados en la revista AméricaEconomía por la Dra. Susan Kaufman Purcell

Artigos publicados na revista AméricaEconomía pela Dra. Susan Kaufman Purcell

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Congressional Testimony

Prepared Statement of Dr. Susan Kaufman Purcell
Director, Center for Hemispheric Policy University of Miami

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

Congressional Testimony

Prepared Statement of Dr. Susan Kaufman Purcell
Director, Center for Hemispheric Policy University of Miami

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
House International Relations Committee
Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere