The University of Miami is committed to recognizing staff contributions to teaching, research, and service, and to providing market-competitive pay based on performance. The Career and Compensation Program is the University of Miami’s new pay program for staff, designed to provide the flexibility to offer market-competitive salaries, recognize individual contributions based on performance, and create a structure to support career development within the University. It will enhance the University's ’Canes Total Rewards package, everything offered to employees for their contribution and service to the University including pay, benefits, recognition programs, and training and development.

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Compensation Program Elements
A core structure and four alternate pay structures in the new Career and Compensation program will allow the University flexibility when responding to changes in the marketplace. See the examples below that represent the new pay structures. Click on a structure to view the respective pay range.

Coming Soon - Career Levels
Career Levels will represent a new component of our compensation program designed to provide:

• a structure that align jobs in a way that defines pathways for professional growth and development
• employees with information needed to understand how jobs progress within and across job families

See a summary of the new Career Levels below.

Leadership & Management
Administrative, Technical, Trades, Health Care Services

Compensation Guidelines
Guidelines to Managing Staff Pay – This guide is provided for managers with the intention to provide guidance on determining the appropriate wage or salary for employees.

Job Description Bank
here to find sample job descriptions that serve as a starting point for the development of a new position or the reclassification of existing positions.

Job Evaluation Packet
Job Evaluation Packet includes the process and form for supervisors to request review of a job within the new structures and grades. The process includes a systematic review of assessing the relative worth of a job based on the job responsibilities, level of complexity, potential impact to the university and the education and experience requirements.

Learn More
Below, you may find a variety of resources to help you become familiar with the Career and Compensation program:

Program Summary
Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or questions regarding the program, please send an email to the Compensation team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).