Purpose of the 'Canes Calendar

The 'Canes Calendar pools and promotes University of Miami events from one, central location. It includes events that are sponsored or endorsed by the University and its constituencies: faculty, staff, alumni, students, and friends. It also includes academic dates and deadlines, University-hosted and -sponsored events, University information sessions, admissions events, athletics events, and official holidays and periods of observance. Anyone with a 'Cane ID can submit an event listing for consideration, but the Division of University Communications and calendar managers determine what listings appear online.

25Live Software

The University uses Collegenet's 25Live software to manage web calendars. For more information, visit the Office of Classroom Management.

Download 'Canes Calendar/25Live Help Documentation (PDF).

1. Who Can Submit Event Information to the 'Canes Calendar?

Only individuals with a valid, current 'Cane ID can submit event information for consideration to the calendar. The 'Canes Calendar only publicizes UM events and will not publish events by or for third parties. Event requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision to approve/deny a listing request is the responsibility of the Division of University Communications and its designees/calendar managers. Approved listings get displayed and published in the 'Canes Calendar. This approval process can take two to three business days.

- Academic Scheduling contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

- Clinical Research Building Conference Room Requests contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

- Web Calendar Requests contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and/or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (for Medical events)

The software behind 25Live handles a large collection of events and can push event listings to many different places. The 'Canes Calendar only publishes some of the listings that are appropriate for the 'Canes Calendar views. When submitting an event, event requestors can suggest that their event be included in other venues associated with 25Live that are outside of the 'Canes Calendar. Some of these include e-Veritas (UM's faculty staff newsletter) and the UM mobile app, among others.

Individuals who submit events will see a "Publish Options" field where they can describe and request additional promotional venues outside of the 'Canes Calendar.

2. Required Information

Certain information is required in all listings. Failure to include appropriate event information is grounds for event request removal or denial. All event listings must include: title, date/time, location, contact information.

3. Proofreading

Event information may be edited by communications staff for style and consistency. Proofreading should be performed on all listings prior to submission.

4. Where and How Events May Be Published

The 'Canes Calendar only accepts submissions via authenticated log-in. Click here for a demonstration of how to submit an event request. Only individuals with a 'Cane ID may submit an item to the 'Canes Calendar for consideration.

Once a person logs into the 'Canes Calendar system, the event submission and editing form is accessible. It contains a "Publish Options" box with options to determine whether an item should be considered for public promotion. If selected, personnel from the Division of University Communications, in collaboration with University calendar administrators from various parts of the University, will filter an event submissions based on the nature of the event, the audiences served, and the calendars that exist (among and various other criteria).

If the "Promote to the Public" option is selected by the event requestor, featured events and the sorting of event listings on various calendars and feeds may be chosen at the discretion of the calendar administrator, associated moderators, and staff at the Division of University Communications for inclusion on the University home page and other related web properties. This includes, but is not limited to related websites, mobile devices, social networks, syndicated feeds such as RSS/XML, and other mechanisms. If the requestor provides particular details in the "Publish Options" comments field, the event will be published accordingly (i.e. "Please publish on the faculty calendar only, but not on the student life calendar.").

Requests to have calendar listings reconsidered, changed, or moved from one calendar to another may be submitted the same way any event edit or cancellation is communicated.

5. University Regulation and Authority Over Events

Event information submitted for inclusion on University calendars is assumed to have been approved by appropriate controlling bodies at the University prior to submission. Those who submit events without the appropriate approvals are subject to denial and may be forbidden to submit future event listings.

The University reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet appropriate criteria, violate local, state or federal law, or University regulations.

6. Event Sponsors and Supporting Organizations

Event requests submitted to the 'Canes Calendar should be sponsored or sanctioned by an official University group, college, division, office or area. These details should be included in the event details.

7. Event Updates and Cancellations

Cancellation or edit requests submitted by event requestors or the general public will be considered and dealt with in a timely manner (within 24 hours) whenever possible (exceptions include holidays and weekends).

The nature of the calendar technology, however, which "pushes" data to various outlets, takes minutes to deliver and falls outside of the direct control of calendar managers. Event edits may take a period of time to be reflected in various front-end views.

That said, all efforts will be made to address edit and cancellation requests at the earliest possible opportunity.

8. Event Comments

Some calendar widgets and event detail views allow for the appearance of comments related to an event to appear below the event listing (Facebook comments and other media, if activated, can appear). These comments are not moderated by the University and do not reflect the opinions or official position of the University or its constituencies. However, comments may be disabled at any time on either the entire calendar or a single event listing at the discretion of the University.