How do I Add And Edit An Event to the 'Canes Calendar?

In order to add an event to the 'Canes calendar, you have to be part of the UM Community and have a valid, current 'Cane ID. Only events submitted by 'Cane ID holders may be considered for inclusion.

How to Add an Event to the 'Canes Calendar (PDF)

How do I Edit or Cancel an Event I have already submitted?

After you submit an event request, the event is saved in a “Draft” state until it is processed by a calendar assigner.

During that time, your event can be edited directly in 25Live. After calendar assigners process your event, the status of the event changes to “Tentative” and you will no longer be able to edit the event directly in 25Live.

For assistance with editing, cancelling or deleting any event that is no longer a draft, e‐mail or call 305‐284‐4846. You can also reach out to the event scheduler listed on your event for assistance as well.

More Details on Editing, Deleting, and Cancelling an Event Request (PDF)