1. Will we be trained in the new system? 
Your department head will assess who needs to receive training and will work with the ERP CaneLink training team to schedule live, hands-on training. Additional resources will be made available online.  Not everyone will require training - only the people who will need to interact with or get data from CaneLink System. 

2. When will training occur? 
Training will be offered throughout the project implementation process for each module as they go live to those who are impacted by the new system. Training will be available in live, hands-on classes, and through online resources. Instructor-led training will be held a few weeks before the go live dates of each release phase of the ERP. Other live trainings will be scheduled and arranged with the respective departments/sections.

3. Will I need new skills or training for CaneLink?
A new system can represent a fundamental change, not only in terms of changing work practices and routines, but also in terms of knowledge. Users with basic PC and Internet skills should be able to transition to the new system smoothly.