CaneLink is the University's new Student Information System (SIS).

Students, faculty, and staff use CaneLink to:

  • Search for Classes
  • View Course Schedule
  • View Class Rosters
  • View Advisees
  • Release Advising Holds
  • View Course History, Registration Shopping Carts, and other Advisee academic data
  • Run Degree Progress Reports and What-If Scenarios for Advisees
  • Add classes to a Shopping Cart
  • Sign up to be on a Wait List for Classes that are filled to capacity
  • Select classes for future semesters using Course Planner
  • Validate Classes in the cart to see if there will be any issues
  • Check for conflicts, missing enforced requisites, missing permissions, etc.

Log In to CaneLink: Students and faculty can use their existing CaneIDs and passwords: CaneLink.

CaneLink was the first phase of the University's overall Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, which has been touted as one of the most far-reaching projects in UM’s history. The second phase of the project was the Workday HR and Payroll implementation (launched March 2015), and the third phase, Workday Finance, is currently in progress. This project has significantly transformed the way the University of Miami conducts business and provides services to its faculty, staff, and students.

For additional information on the project, including training information, and a glossary of terms, and more, please visit: