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Autism’s Impact

A new study shows that one in three children who have an older sibling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) fall into a group characterized by higher…

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One Username/Password

What is CaneID?

CaneID is a username/password authentication process that provides access to multiple UM Information Technology (IT) systems/services via use of one username/password.  Your CaneID Password safeguards your access privileges on many UM systems and should be known only to you.  Change your CaneID Password if you suspect it has been discovered or revealed to others.

What is CaneID Authentication Service (CAS)?

CAS is a login service that allows you to access multiple password-protected Web services after logging in once using your CaneID and password on a central authentication server.  This convenient feature allows users to access additional systems without having to re-enter a username and password and is often referred to as single sign-on. How CAS works

What is authentication?

  Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what he/she purports to be.

What is my CaneID and Password? 

First time using your CaneID

How do I change my CaneID Password?

  Changing your CaneID Password Please Note:  If you change your CaneID Password, your password will change for all other IT services using CaneID.

What if I don’t remember my CaneID and/or Password?

  Recovering your CaneID and/or Password

Other questions relating to CaneID or CAS?

For Help/Additional Information

IT services using CaneID


    Gables Central IT Exchange/Outlook Email (CGCENT)

    Telecom Central Server

    UM Web Development/UM Phonebook

    UMeNET (Ariba)



    CaneNet (Residential College Internet Service)

    Telecom PPP Faculty/Employee Dialup

    Telecom PPP Student Dialup

    Canes VPN

IT services supported by CAS



    EUS Training

  * Software Licensing & Distribution
  * Other services coming soon