University of Miami, Business Development Program
Second Tier Quarterly Reporting

Welcome to the University of Miami’s second tier reporting page. The University believes strongly in the active utilization of women/minority owned business enterprises (WMBEs) and strives to maintain a supply chain that reflects the rich multicultural community of South Florida. Our strength lies in our commitment and celebration of diversity and inclusion. To this end, the University of Miami encourages its prime contractors to utilize women and minority owned subcontractors.

Second tier purchasing relates directly to the goods and services rendered by diverse suppliers in the execution of contracts with the University of Miami. The University supports second tier expenditures as a complement to other supplier diversity initiatives. WMBE’s are encouraged to pursue opportunities directly with the University as a prime supplier.

Reporting Guidelines

The University of Miami encourages its prime suppliers to utilize diverse suppliers in support of fulfilling their contract with the University. Second tier results are reported to the Business Development Program on a YTD quarterly basis. Reports are due the second week of the month following the end of each quarter. The reporting periods are:

Quarter 1 (June - August) reports are due on the second week of September
Quarter 2 (September - November) reports are due on the second week of December
Quarter 3 (December - February) reports are due on on the second week of March
Quarter 4 (March - May) reports are due on on the second week of June

Reports are completed using the attached excel format. It is the responsibility of the prime supplier to verify the Prime Supplier to verify the woman/minority ownership of the subcontractor.

Please review our privacy statement relating to information we collect, choice/opt-out, and correction/updating of personal information before proceeding.

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