The Business Development Program is committed to fostering a diverse supplier base. The Program is designed to ensure that businesses of diverse backgrounds and ownership have the opportunity to become valued suppliers as a means of improving the general economic well-being of the community and functioning of our local and national economies. The Program achieves this by providing a variety of activities including:

  • The object of the Mentor/Protégé program is to increase the number of W/MBEs capable of bidding successfully on larger contracts with the University. W/MBEs are assigned to the University’s Subject Matter Experts based on the vendor’s business need and their potential for doing business with the University.

  • Vendor in the Spotlight
  • Our Vendor in the Spotlight program recognizes women and minority businesses that have exceeded the University’s expectation of superior service, exceptional, quality and competitive pricing. The program also spotlights small certified businesses that demonstrate a standard of excellence and wish to conduct business with the University.

  • U-Match Business Forums
  • The Business Development Program host matchmaker events in an effort to help small businesses, including W/MBEs connect with the University’s decision makers.

  • Educational Seminars
  • Our seminars are conducted throughout the year and focus on addressing specific issues that affect W/MBEs. The seminars will provide creative resources for vendors to learn more about the University.

  • Second Tier Initiatives
  • The University of Miami encourages its prime contractors to maximize opportunities for W/MBEs to participate as suppliers of products and services to the University. This program serves as an enhancement to and not as a replacement for existing efforts aimed at increasing meaningful opportunities of W/MBEs to participate as first tier suppliers.

  • To learn more about the activities offered by the Business Development Program, you should contact John Square by email, To view Business Development Program's brochure, click here.