The University’s overall health care costs continue to increase annually by double digit percentages, which is not sustainable over time.  As a result, the University embraced the need for robust health and wellness programs to meet the diverse needs of its faculty, staff and dependents.  Many companies establish employee groups to provide ideas on all phases of health and wellness promotion programs, and provide ongoing support to employee benefit functions and wellness program managers.  The University of Miami established the Wellness Advisory Council for that undertaking.  Below is a list of Wellness Advisory Council members:

Nerissa E. Morris, Chair

Vice President

Human Resources

Todd Ambrosia

Asst. Professor of Clinical

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Marilin Cabassi

Budget Analyst

Sr. Vice Provost - Undergraduate Education

Jennifer Cohen

Executive Director


Samantha Dietz

Assistant Scientist

School of Education

Orlando J. Gonzalez


Faculty/Staff Assistance Program

Alex Jorgensen

Associate Vice President

Medical Human Resources

Janet Konefal

Associate Professor

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Scott Levin

Executive Director

Wellness Centers

Ashwin Mehta

Assistant Professor


Dr. Robert Schwartz


Family Medicine and Community Health