Yasmin Pedraza

Yasmin’s Goal: Healthy lifestyle changes

Yasmin’s Wellness Story:

I was first motivated to make healthy changes when I began the Cardiovascular (CV) Wellness program, at the Herbert Wellness Center. I successfully completed the 12-week program, and I wanted to maintain the progress I had made. I also wanted to lower my blood pressure, make healthier eating choices, and lose weight.

When the University changed to Aetna in January, I looked through the Aetna Web site, which I found very informative, and selected the Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Program. I completed the online health assessment, and shortly thereafter, a representative contacted me by phone and gave me an overview of the program. I decided to sign up.

I began the program with weekly, half-hour calls by the coach, which are scheduled at times that are most convenient for me. The coach sent me a package that included a Daily Log and a Weight Management Guide with information on nutrition, physical activity and stress management. My coach kept me on track, provided healthy alternatives, and guided me through the more challenging goals. Just a few little changes made a big difference.

Would you recommend the program to friends and colleagues?

Definitely; it has helped me and I can see the results.The materials included with the program have also been very useful and these will be a good reference once I complete the program.


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