From meditation to stress management and cooking, a variety of seminars are offered at UM, most at no cost to you! See below for details.

Cooking Classes

The Herbert Wellness Center’s instructional kitchen provides a classroom setting for a variety of cooking classes. Participants get “hands on” experience and are able to sample prepared food. To learn more, click here.

Meditation Classes

Relax and unwind as you learn to mediate. You’ll develop mental clarity and discipline, as well as enhance creativity and inner peace in your pursuit of personal satisfaction. For the Coral Gables Campus Schedule, click here. For the Miller School campus schedule, click here.

Weight Watchers at Work

Weight Watchers offers you meetings that provides coaching and tools to help you make positive changes - to lose weight and keep it off. The weekly, confidential weigh-in tracks your progress. Your group leader and fellow participants offer tips and practical advice which keep you moving toward your goal. If you complete the full 12-weeks UM reimburses the cost of membership - $123. To learn more, click here

Medical Wellness Center Health Classes

The Wellness Center offers a variety of seminars on health and nutrition topics throughout the year. The seminar series begins again in the fall, 2009. To view past seminars and presentations, click here

CPR Classes

Learn CPR. For the Coral Gables Campus Schedule, click here.

FSAP Health and Wellness Seminars

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) offers a variety of health and wellness seminars throughout the year for UM employees. Click here to see the most current schedule.