Social Security is a program of the United States federal government that provides retirement income, health care for the aged, and disability coverage for eligible workers and their dependents.

Medicare is health insurance for individuals age 65 and older, those under 65 with certain disabilities, or those of any age with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). To be eligible:
• You or your spouse must have worked at least 10 years in Medicare-covered employment
• You must be age 65 or older
• You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
• Special rules apply for the disabled and those with ESRD

Medicare and UM Coverage
If you plan to retire before you are eligible for Medicare (age 65), UM Early Retiree Coverage may be an option:
• You must be at least age 55 with 10 years of service, or meet the rule of 70
• Coverage is the same as UM active coverage, but premiums are not subsidized by UM
• Coverage ends at age 65
• If the employee beyond age 65 but the spouse is under age 65, the spouse can elect Early Retiree coverage until the spouse turns 65
• Dependents under age 26 are also eligible to continue coverage to age 26 even if the employee is beyond age 65

While you are working at UM beyond age 65 you may:
• Keep UM coverage, forego Medicare
• You will not be penalized for delaying enrollment in Medicare while you have UM coverage (see slide 16)
• Once you retire, you will need to enroll in Medicare
• Elect UM coverage plus Original Medicare (A, or A&B)
• Your UM coverage will pay first, before any Medicare coverage
• Since Part B requires monthly premium payments, it may be best to delay enrollment in Part B • in many cases
• Please note that Part D will not coordinate with UM Rx plan
• Drop UM coverage altogether and elect Medicare

For a detailed presentation regarding how Medicare works, enrollment deadlines and help selecting a plan, please click here.

What are the parts of Medicare?

Part A - Hospital Insurance
• Covers inpatient expenses, skilled nursing facilities, etc.
• Automatically enrolled at age 65 if receiving Social Security

Part B - Medical Insurance
• Covers physician, outpatient and preventive care expenses
• No automatic enrollment

Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans
• Combines coverage of Parts A, B and D from a Medicare-approved insurance company

Part D - Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
• Purchased separately or as part of a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA-PD)

For more information

• 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders)
• 1-800-96-ELDER (1-800-963-5337)