The University of Miami is dedicated to offering faculty and staff a comprehensive benefits package. From health and wellness, to income protection and retirement savings, the University’s Benefits Programs are designed to help faculty and staff balance work and personal obligations.

Benefits Summaries

Your benefits are dependent upon your employment classification. Benefits summaries are available by clicking on the appropriate links below.
Post Doctoral Scholars

Dependent Eligibility: Health Care

You can enroll your spouse, same-gender domestic partner and eligible dependent children in any of the plans that offer dependent coverage.

Your eligible dependents are any of the following:
• Your legal spouse
• Your certified domestic partner
• Your child up to age 26

Your dependent children include:
• Your natural child
• Your stepchild
• Your certified domestic partner’s child
• Your legally adopted child (or child placed with you for legal adoption)

Dependent Eligibility: Tuition Remission

DEPENDENT - A spouse recognized under Florida law, a University certified domestic partner or dependent child as defined below.  A marriage license is proof of dependency for a spouse.

DEPENDENT CHILD - An unmarried natural, adopted or step-child receiving 50 percent or more support from the University Employee.

PROOF OF DEPENDENCY - Every dependent of a University employee enrolled in the University of Miami health care plan will be eligible for tuition remission, provided they meet all the other tuition remission requirements. Certification of a dependent child normally requires a copy of the employee’s most recent IRS tax return (1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return); exceptions will be made in certain circumstances, however, such as divorce.

DEPENDENT CHILD ELIGIBILITY - To be eligible for this benefit, the dependent child must begin an undergraduate degree-seeking program before reaching the age of 23.  For graduate study, the dependent child must begin a graduate degree-seeking program within two years of the date of the completion of an undergraduate degree.  The dependent child will not be eligible for tuition remission for any semester that begins after reaching 27 years of age.