The Retirement Savings Plan II (RSP II) is a defined contribution plan for employees of the University of Miami Hospital (UMH). This plan allows UMH employees to save in four different ways.

1. University Core Contributions: After completing the eligibility requirements your account will be credited with a percentage of your pay based on years of service (includes prior HCA credited service). See University Core Contributions below for details.

2. Voluntary Contributions: Allows you to save a defined dollar amount or percentage of your pay on a pre-tax basis. (If you do not make an election within your first two months of service, you will be automatically enrolled for a 3% of pay voluntary contribution, and contributions will be defaulted to the age-appropriate Fidelity Freedom Index Fund.)

3. University Matching Contributions: After two months of service UM provides a dollar-for-dollar match on the first 5 percent of eligible pay that you contribute.

4. Investment Earnings: You can change your investment allocation at any time online at

University Core Contributions

Eligibility Requirements
To begin receiving University Core Contributions, you must be at work on January 1 and December 31 and work at least 1,000 hours during the calendar year. University Core Contributions are credited to your account based on the following schedule:

Years of Service = UM Core Contributions
0 – 4 = 2.25%
5 – 9 = 3.00%
10 – 14 = 4.00%
15 – 19 = 5.00%
20 or more = 5.50%*

*Grandfathered benefit only for those employees who attained 20 or more years of service prior to January 1, 2015.*

Note: Contributions doubled for compensation in excess of the Social Security Average Base.


Your voluntary contributions are 100% vested immediately. University matching contributions vest after three years. University core contributions vest according to the following schedule:

Years of Vesting Service = Vested Percent
0 – 1 = 0%
2 = 20%
3 = 40%
4 = 60%
5 = 80%
6 = 100%

For more information, please contact HR-Benefits at 305-284-3004.

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