If you are considering retirement, please contact the HR-Benefits team at 305-284-3004 to request your retirement calculation. Requests for retirement calculations will be processed based on the date you wish to begin receiving your pension payment. Please note that the date you wish to begin pension payments must be at least three months after the date you request a calculation. Example: if you request a calculation on March 1st, your benefit must start on or after June 1st.

You must provide the information below in order to process your calculation request:

• Name (required)
• UM "C" Number or Social Security Number (required)
• Date of Birth (required)
• Current Address (required)
• Current Phone Number (required)
• Current Email (if available)
• Spouse's Name (required if married)
• Spouse's Social Security Number (required if married)
• Spouse's Date of Birth (required if married)
• Anticipated Last Day of Work (if applicable)
• Date You Wish to Begin Receiving Your Pension Benefit* (required, even if tentative)

* Pension payments can start as early as the first day of the month following your last day of work but you may delay payment until the first day of any month thereafter.