In September 2009, the Board of Trustees established a new 403(b) Investment Committee. The committee has fiduciary responsibility to oversee the investment options in tiers one, two and three. With assistance of outside investment experts, the committee will monitor the performance of funds, review fees and investment managers, and retain or replace funds and/or investment managers as needed.



Kirles, Geoffrey - Chair

Vice President of Finance and Treasurer

Berens, Fred

Board of Trustee Member

Calles, John

Board of Trustee Member

Clasby, Eugene

Professor, Arts and Sciences

Cruz, Ivette

Legal Assistant, General Counsel

Emery, Douglas

Professor, School of Business

Holzmann, Oscar

Associate Professor, School of Business

Reynolds, Dawn

Executive Director, Business Operations

Seo, David

Associate Vice President for Clinical Applications

Williams, Steven

Vice Chair, Anesthesiology