Short Term Disability (STD) is available to all University of Miami staff, administrators and research personnel. Faculty members are not eligible for STD.

What can the STD plan do for you?

The STD plan will help protect your paycheck and your standard of living if you become disabled by providing 66 2/3% of your income while you are on an approved Medical Leave of Absence due to an illness or injury.

To calculate your monthly STD premium take your base pay from your paycheck and multiply by the monthly percent based on your age in the chart below. For example, a 31 year old employee whose base monthly salary is $2,000 would pay $22.00 per month as a new STD member.

Eligible employees can enroll in the STD Plan during the Open Enrollment period for benefits effective January 1. You must be enrolled in the plan for one full year prior to being able to use the benefit. Your approved medical leave of absence cannot begin prior to you being enrolled in the plan for one full year.

Short Term Disability Plan
Premium Based on Base Salary

34 and under1.0%
35 - 390.9%
40 - 490.8%
50 - 640.9%
65 - 691.0%
70 and over1.1%

For more information on STD, please contact HR-Benefits Customer Service at 305-284-3004.

Short Term Disability Forms

Enrollment Form (for new hires only)
Initial Claim Form
Follow-Up Claim Form