What You Should Know

If you are taking a maintenance medication you must fill this prescription in a 90-day supply at your local CVS pharmacy or through Aetna Rx Home Delivery. If you fill your maintenance medication in 30-day supplies or use a pharmacy other than CVS or Aetna Rx Home Delivery, your prescription drug copay will increase by 2 1/2 times after the second filled 30-day prescription. Click here to download the registration form and sign up today.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Each UM/Aetna plan has the same prescription drug coverage. Costs are determined by the four-tier structure below. If the cost of the prescription is less than the copay, you pay the lesser of the two. In the HRA plan, copays apply only after you’ve exhausted your HRA Fund and met your deductible. Some drugs may be subject to dispensing limitations based on age, gender, duration or quantity.

Tier 1 - $10 covered preferred generic medications (not self-injectable)
Tier 2 - $35 covered preferred brand-name medications (not self-injectable)
Tier 3 - $55 covered non-preferred generic and brand-name medications (not self-injectable)
Tier 4 - $100 preferred and non-preferred self-injectable drugs covered by prescription benefits

Click here to search a list of covered prescriptions and copay tiers. Under “pharmacy plan type,” select “four tier open formulary.” For better results, log in to Medication Search from Aetna Navigator®. You may also view the four tier formulary here

Aetna Rx Home Delivery

Register with Aetna Rx Home Delivery today! Click here to download the registration form.

Aetna Rx Home Delivery is a convenient and affordable way for Aetna members to receive maintenance medications.

Why Should I Use Aetna Rx Home Delivery?
• You will receive a 3-month supply of medication for a 2.5-month copay.
• Your medications will be conveniently mailed to your home - no need for a visit to the pharmacy.

To sign up for Aetna Rx Home Delivery:

1. Request two prescriptions for your maintenance medications: one for a small supply, and one for a long term supply that you can fill through Aetna Rx Home Delivery.

2. Complete and mail the Aetna Rx Home Delivery Registration Form, along with your payment (check or credit card) and prescriptions to:

By Mail:
Aetna Rx Home Delivery
P.O. Box 829518
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-9913

By Fax:
Your physician may fax your prescription(s) to 1-866-681-5166.

• Do not forget to write your date of birth and Aetna Member ID on all documents, including prescriptions.
• Refills can be placed by visiting Aetna Rx Home Delivery.

Additional Resources:
Rx Coupons
Retail Savings Programs
Visit Aetna Rx Home Delivery or call 1-800-227-5720.

UM Pharmacies

Daystar (305-284-5927)
Inpatient Pharmacy: (305-243-4281)
Outpatient Pharmacy: (305-243-5244)
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute: (305-326-6520)

Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

Generic medications may also be obtained through other retail pharmacies including, but not limited to: KMart, Target, Publix, Walgreens, and Walmart for reduced prices. Click here for information on local retail savings programs.


Based on FDA guidelines and current medical findings, precertification supports member safety and appropriate drug use, and helps keep health care costs manageable by requiring certain conditions for coverage. Drugs that require precertification can be found here.You may download the Precertification Request for Prescription Medications by clicking here.

Aetna Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty medications, which include injectables and infusables, must be obtained through Aetna Specialty Rx. These medications require special handling and may not be readily available at your local pharmacy. Ordering your prescription medications through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy is fast and easy.

Only your doctor may fax your prescription to 1-866-FAX-ASRX (1-866-329-2779).

Or, you or your doctor may mail your prescription order to:
Aetna Specialty Pharmacy
503 Sunport Lane
Orlando, FL 32809

Your doctor may also call and speak to one of our registered pharmacists at 1-866-782-ASRX (1-866-782-2779) during our normal business hours of 8 a.m. until 7 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

A week prior to your refill, an Aetna Specialty Pharmacy representative will call you to schedule your delivery. The representative will confirm that you are still taking your medication, that your doctor has not changed the dose, and that you are not experiencing any unmanageable side effects.

You can also call our toll-free number 1-866-782-ASRX (1-866-782-2779) or TDD: 1-877-833-ASRX (1-877-833-2779) to order your refill through our automatic refill line or to speak with a customer service representative.