Practice wellness. Get your recommended preventive care services, which are paid 100 percent by the UM/Aetna medical plans. Review the table below for a summary list of these benefits.

In-Network Preventive Care ServiceBenefit
Adult Annual Physical/Labs*Once per year after age 18. Click here to view the list of screening labs typically covered during an annual physical.
Well Child CareAll well child visits up to age 18.
Routine ImmunizationsClick here for vaccination guidelines.
Immunizations for Foreign TravelThe guidelines by which vaccines are covered are those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click here for more information.
HPV VaccineThree dose series for ages 9 to 26.
Women’s Preventive CoverageAnnual exam and pap smear. Certain oral contraceptives at no cost, along with free breastfeeding supplies. Click here for more information.
Breast Cancer ScreeningAnnual screening or diagnostic mammogram beginning at age 35. Includes breast ultrasound. Click here to view a list of mammography centers in South Florida.
Prostate Cancer ScreeningAnnual Prostrate Specific Antigen and Digital Rectal Examination beginning at age 45.
Osteoporosis ScreeningBone densitometry every two years beginning at age 60.
Colorectal Cancer ScreeningAnnual colonoscopy, FOBT, flexible sigmoidoscopy or double barium enema beginning at age 50. This free screening is not covered for participants below age 50, regardless of risk status.
Skin Cancer ScreeningAnnual skin screening exam with a UM dermatologist. Call 305-243-6704. For more information click here.
Annual Eye ExamAnnual eye exam with an Aetna/EyeMed or Bascom Palmer Eye Institute optometrist or ophthalmologist. Click here for more information about the vision benefit.

*Preventive services include an age- and gender-appropriate history and exam, counseling and guidance, risk factor reduction, immunizations, and appropriate preventive screening tests based on age and gender. It does not include evaluation and management of abnormalities encountered or preexisting problems that require follow-up and management.