Revised 1/10/07

To state University policy regarding fraudulent calls made from or to the University.

Fraudulent Long Distance Calls: A call made through the University’s telephone system using an unauthorized Personal Security Code (PSC) or Credit Card, and/or acceptance of a collect call or placement of a third party call billed to the University.

Abuse of Long Distance Calls: Personal, non-business related calls made at the University’s expense.

Only authorized (business related) long distance calls may be placed through the University’s long distance system.  Unauthorized calls are the responsibility of the person who placed the call.

Invoices for long distance calls are available online by the 10th of each month.  If by that day a department has not received its invoice, please notify the Telecommunications Department billing office at 284-5498.

Departments are responsible for reporting suspected fraudulent calls to the Telecommunications Department Billing Office immediately.  Departments are responsible for all charges if suspected fraud is not reported to both the Telecommunications Department and Public Safety within two weeks of receipt of long distance invoices or financial reports, whichever occurs first.

Notify the Telecommunications Department of suspected fraud as follows:

    1.  Report the suspected fraudulent calls to the appropriate Public Safety

        Department Office.

    2.  Highlight fraudulent calls on a copy of the long distance invoice and

        forward the copy to the Telecommunications Department Billing

        Office, 211 Ungar Building, 33124-4220.

    3.  Send an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to the above address

        requesting a new PSC.

    4.  The Telecommunications Department will:
        a.  Research the fraudulent calls

        b.  Forward a copy of the invoice to the Public Safety Department

          and, if a student is involved, to the Dean of Student’s office.

    5.  Persons identified as suspected abusers or fraudulent callers

        will be reported as follows:

        a.  University employees (faculty, administration or staff) will be

          reported to the department in which they are employed.

        b.  Students will be subject to University disciplinary action,

            including withholding transcripts, diplomas, and records

            and possible expulsion.

    6.  Persons charged with fraudulent calling are subject to criminal court

        action and upon conviction are subject to fines and/or imprisonment.