Revised 1/10/07

To state University policy concerning collect and third party calls.

Collect Calls:  Calls placed through an operator and billed to the telephone number called.

Third Party Calls:  Calls placed through an operator and billed to a telephone number other than either the calling or called telephone numbers.

The University does not accept or pay for collect or third party calls to the University.  The University has informed it’s carriers of this policy.

Collect and third party calls to the University are expected to be thoroughly investigated by it’s carriers.  Party(s) placing such calls will be expected to make full restitution and may also be charged with the intent to defraud the telephone company in the appropriate court of law.

Remote access is to be used when placing University business long distance calls from off campus locations. See Policy B050, LD Service (Remote Access).

Personnel needing to place University business calls from outside the local dialing area should obtain a AT&T Corporate Credit Card. See Policy B055, LD Service - Corporate Credit Cards.