Revised 1/10/07

To describe the University’s AT&T Corporate Credit Card service for long distance calls.

Personnel who need to place University business long distance calls from outside of the local dialing area may obtain an AT&T Corporate Credit Card from the Department of Telecommunications.

    1.  Submit an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to Telecommunications

        Department Billing Office, 211 Ungar Building, 33124-4220, listing the

        names of the individual(s) requesting a credit card, their mailing

        address, business telephone number, and the account(s) to be billed.

        Requests for billing detail, additional to financial report 90 detail,

        may also be submitted on the IDR.

    2.  Information Technology will request a corporate credit card from AT&T.

        The process takes approximately five weeks.

    3.  Upon receipt of the corporate credit card, Information Technology will

        notify the card holder.

The AT&T Corporate Credit Card is confidential and should not be shared. If lost or stolen AT&T Corporate Credit Cards should be reported to the Telecommunications Department immediately.