Revised 1/10/07

To describe the policy for placing non-credit card long distance calls from University campuses, using the University’s long distance system.

Long distance calls made:
      1.  Within the United States
      2.  Within North America (includes Canada and Mexico)
      3.  Internationally

Personal Security Code (PSC): The PSC is a personal/departmental authorization code which enables callers to place long distance calls from University phones.  The PSC is confidential and should not be shared.

The University’s long distance system provides low cost long distance telephone service to faculty, administrators, staff, and resident students.

Long distance calls may be made from University telephones using a PSC. PSCs for University faculty, administration and/or staff may be obtained from the Telecommunications Department.

The department requesting long distance service is responsible for all charges incurred with the PSC unless:

    1.  The Telecommunications Department is notified of suspected

        fraud within the two week period following (1) the charge being

        published in the University’s Financial Records System or (2)

        receipt of the Telecommunications Department invoice for the

        call(s), whichever occurs first; and

    2.  A police report of the suspected fraud is filed with the

        appropriate Public Safety Office by the department.

Types of calls not permitted:

    1.  Third party calls may not be placed from or billed to a University

    2.  Collect calls may not be accepted or charged to a University

        telephone account.

To obtain UM Long Distance Capabilities:

    1.  Submit an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) to the Telecommunications

        Department Billing Office, 211 Ungar Building, 33124-4220 requesting

        a long distance PSC, and provide the following information:

        a.  The name(s) of the individual(s) who will use the PSC
        b.  The individual’s telephone number(s)
        c.  The type of access required for each PSC user
        d.  The UM account number to be billed (Sponsored Programs

          approval is required for sponsored accounts)
        e.  The department’s interoffice mailing address

    2.  Upon receipt of the IDR, the Telecommunications Department

        will establish long distance accounts and notify each PSC owner,

        individually, of their PSC.  Under no circumstances will PSCs

        be given to persons other than the owner(s).

    3.  Invoices for long distance calls are available online.

    4.  Charges for long distance calls are reflected on financial report 90s.

        The amount charged to the account should agree with the invoice total.