Revised 1/19/07

To describe the procedure for temporarily deactivating telephone service while maintaining “ownership” of a telephone number, at a reduced monthly charge.

The Telecommunications Department will discount by 50% the current monthly line charge for departments wishing to deactivate service for a specific time period, under the following conditions:
    1.  Telephone lines will remain deactivated from the first through the last

      day of the month.  Deactivation for a partial month is not allowed.

    2.  There will be a one-time $17.50 service charge per line at the time the

      temporary deactivation goes into effect.  The 50% discounted monthly

      line charge will appear in the department’s financial statements under

      object code 3852 or as a journal entry.

    3.  Telephone equipment (sets) will remain the responsibility of the

      department.  Regular monthly charges for sets will continue during the

      period of suspended service.

    1.  Submit an Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) form to the

      Telecommunications Department, indicating the following:

      a.  The line number(s) to be deactivated temporarily.

      b.  The effective date.

      c.  The period of time disconnection is requested.
    2.  The Telecommunications Department will establish a
      Telecommunications Service Request (TSR) number and disconnect
      the telephone line.