Revised 1/10/07

To define the mission of the Telecommunications Department.

The Telecommunications Department provides University of Miami faculty, researchers, students, administrators and staff with cost effective, quality services in voice, data and video communications in support of the University’s mission. The Telecommunications Department is committed to ensuring a superior level of service to the University through proven methods and technologies while monitoring change and planning for the future in a cost effective manner.

The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the procurement of all telecommunications services (voice, data, and video) at all University locations.

The University owns and operates its own telecommunications system on its campuses and remote sites. The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the procurement, installation, management and use of all voice and data services as well as all network equipment, including
cabling and conduits used to support those services.

No department within the University may contract independently for any voice, data or video service with any outside vendor, at any location either within Florida or out-of-state without approval from the Telecommunications Department and the written consent of the Vice President for Information Technology.  Historically, such arrangements have been made for data communications at the Medical and RSMAS campuses.