2011 Faculty and Staff Survey Action Plan Toolkit

The following tools can be used to help you through the action planning process in your units.  Tools and templates are available to help you analyze and communicate unit level results, conduct meetings, create action plans and document your progress over time.  If you have any questions about the survey results contact the Office of Planning Institutional Research and Assessment at 305-284-3856.  If you have questions about Action Planning contact Marcia Beckford, Executive Director, Professional Development and Training Office at 305-243-3090.

Action Planning Toolkit

University Results and Leadership Response
Video Message from the President
Staff Results Summary
Faculty Results Summary

Analyze and Communicate Unit Level Results
Unit Results Cheat Sheet
Use this guide for step-by-step guidance for reviewing and analyzing unit level survey results.
Staff Survey Debrief Template
Use this template to communicate survey results to teams, compare University vs. Unit level survey data and begin the action planning process.
Excel Template for Creating Charts
Use this Excel template to input your unit level results and create charts for use in action planning meetings, and other presentations.

Conduct Meetings and Create Action Plans
Action Plan Meeting Draft Agenda
Use this draft meeting agenda to help guide initial action planning meetings.
Action Plan Strategies
Use this grid for a summary of strategies that may be used to address survey results.
Action Planning and Reporting Timeline
Use this timeline to help you stay on track during the action planning process.  Action plan team leaders should click on the buttons below to submit survey action plan updates.  Updates are due in Fall, 2011 and Spring, 2012.