ACCMS University of Miami Courses

ACCMS is a unique facility created based on the vision of its founder, Mr. Edward H. Arnold who believes whether in the field of communications, engineering, architecture, music, marine science, medicine or the like, students should be exposed to emerging trends in media technology and that the application of new media in cross-disciplinary efforts among students and faculty members from multiple higher education disciplines is an essential educational tool. Since the creation of the ACCMS, the following multidisciplinary media courses have been taught to hundreds of students and more courses are under development.

•  CMP551: Advanced Digital Compositing, Color Correction and Visual Effects for Film and Video

•  EEN596: Advanced 3D Character Design and Motion Capture for Computer Games

•  EEN591: Introduction to 3D Computer Modeling and Animation

•  ECS572: Environmental Film-Making and Community Engagement


ACCMS Collaboration with Kent State Stark University

The University of Miami is helping develop capacity in new media and environmental and emerging issues at Kent State Stark University (KSU) in Canton, Ohio. Focusing on local watersheds in Ohio, this project is an important first step in providing opportunities for faculty and students (from various departments and schools at KSU Stark Campus) and partners to better educate the community at large about the environment and to seek solutions to critical environmental issues. This initiative is supported by a grant from the Hoover Environmental Foundation to KSU from which the University of Miami ACCMS been awarded a consulting role to guide KSU’s educational media initiatives and also direct collaboration from KSU on developing University of Miami’s Aging Project, “The Silver Mirror”.