DANCE – Dept. Code:  DAN

There is currently no Undergraduate degree for Dance.


A minor in dance is intended for students interested in developing basic teaching skills for elementary and secondary dance education. Prospective students interested in this minor are required to audition for acceptance as well as maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in dance courses. 20 credits are required.

Orientation to Dance (DAN 130) This course is a prerequisite for all students who are interested in the minor in Dance 2 credits
Advanced studio technique (DAN 311 or 411 and DAN 211 and 311 or DAN 311 and 411) 6 credits
Dance education and history (DAN 385 or DAN 585 and DAN 450 or DAN 550) 6 credits
Dance education electives (DAN 285, 286, and 290) 2 credits
Studio Electives (DAN 111, DAN 190, DAN 140, DAN 240, DAN 340, DAN 280, and DAN 380) 4 credits

Dance courses are open to all university students with the approval of their advisor. For further information, contact the Dance coordinator.