Under the leadership of Collegiate Studies, the DCIE offers the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree program, which provides a solid and rigorous, interdisciplinary academic experience for adult, part-time students. It is designed specifically for adults who have previously attended college but have not yet completed their undergraduate degrees, as well as for those who have never had the opportunity to pursue post-secondary studies. You are eligible for admission if you graduated from high school at least four years ago, have not attended the University of Miami during the past calendar year, have a minimum of 2.2 grade-point average on previous college work, and are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

The BGS curriculum allows an individual the flexibility to design an area of concentration to enhance professional or personal goals. The core of the BGS is its interdisciplinary colloquia. Designed to strengthen critical thinking and writing skills of the students, each course is taught by exceptional University of Miami faculty who are committed to the adult student.

Advisors offer personalized attention in career exploration and academic advising and discuss educational alternatives with potential students. Every effort is made to ensure that the process - from admission to registration - is efficient and convenient. Students may attend day, evening, or weekend classes to complete their educational goals.

To underscore its commitment to the adults in our community, the University offers a special tuition to students in the Bachelor of General Studies program which enables the adult, part-time student to pursue this degree at an affordable tuition rate.

The admission process takes into consideration that one’s grade-point average, while significant, is only one factor in determining an applicant’s qualification for acceptance. Therefore, an admissions interview with an advisor from the DCIE will be scheduled to supplement the information you provide on the BGS application form, which may be obtained by calling Collegiate Studies at (305) 284-2727 or at

Requirements for Graduation

I. Candidates for the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree must complete the required credit hours and achieve the quality point average specified for students in the University at large as stated in the section Academic Regulations and Procedures. Exempted is interpreted to refer exclusively to those exemptions provided under the following headings:

A. Advanced Standing and Placement (Credit Granted);
B. Credit by Examination;
C. Advanced Placement (by proficiency examination);

II. Except where a required course is one designated to correct a deficiency in his/her college preparation, the student may apply the credit hours of any required course from which he is exempted toward the hours for that subject as a general requirement for graduation, toward the 120 credits required for graduation. (See Departmental Proficiency Examinations.) An exemption may be granted for English 105, but these credits may not be applied towards the 120 required for graduation.

III. Credit Only
Only free electives may be taken under this option. Courses which satisfy the major, the distributions of the School, the General Education Requirements of the University or any course for which a C or better is required may not be taken for credit only.

IV. Required Areas of Study

A. English Composition 3-6 credits
Students must take English 105 and 106 (or their equivalent) during the first
year of enrollment in the School.

Foreign Languages 3-9 credits
Students must earn at least 3 credits of foreign language at the 200 course
level or higher.

B. People and Society (History/Social Sciences) 15 credits
BGS degree candidates must earn 6 credits in a single two-semester History survey sequence. In addition, BGS degree candidates must earn 9 credits in courses taught by at least two of the following disciplines: African American Studies, American Studies in Social Science, Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Education and Psychological Studies, Geography, Judaic Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

C. Arts and Humanities 21 credits
Credits must be earned in each of the following disciplines: Art History, Literature,
Philosophy and Religious Studies.

In addition, BGS degree candidates must earn 9 credits in any of the following disciplines: American Studies in Humanities, Art, Art History, Communications (Motion Pictures), Dance, Theatre Arts, Musicology, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish or French Literature, Philosophy, Religion or Women’s Studies in Humanities.

D. Mathematics/Computer Information Systems 9 credits
Math 101 or an acceptable score on the math placement test is required.
In addition, students must take either Math 103 (finite mathematics) or a
math course approved by the advisor. Finally, a 3-credit course in computer
information systems is also mandatory.

E. Natural World (Natural Sciences) 6 credits
BGS degree candidates may fulfill the Natural Sciences requirement
by taking 6 credits in one or more of the following disciplines: Biology,
Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Environmental Science, Marine Sciences,
Physics and Physical Sciences.

V. Area of Concentration 30 Credits
Every candidate for a degree must select an area of concentration. The
candidate designs an area of concentration that meets his/her professional
and personal goals. The course of study is reviewed and approved by the Dean and/or Director of the program.

VI. Interdisciplinary Courses 15 Credits
BGS Interdisciplinary courses are especially designed to foster critical thinking and taught by faculty from all departments. Candidates for the BGS degree select 5 interdisciplinary courses to meet requirements for graduation (ENG 333 IS A REQUIRED COURSE)

VII. Electives 15 credits
Students choose elective courses in consultation with their advisor to meet
the 120-credit graduation requirement.