Finance - Department Code:  FIN
Marketing - Department Code:  MKT


The International Finance and Marketing (IFM) major is aimed at meeting the needs of students who want to pursue a career in international business, finance, and/or marketing.


The IFM major is designed to prepare students for the most critical areas of decision making in international business. The objective is to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum based on a strong program of international courses, and create opportunities for access to multinational companies and the international business community.


Important Note:  To major in IFM, a student must earn a grade of “B” (grade point of 3.0) or higher in both FIN302 and MKT201/301 (note that a grade of “B-” does not qualify). 
The IFM major consists of a minimum of 21 semester hours beyond the core (FIN302 and MKT201/301).  The IFM course requirements are: 

Required Courses Prerequisite(s)
FIN320 Investment and Security Markets FIN302
FIN330 International Finance FIN302
FIN431 International Financial Management FIN302, FIN330
MKT302 Marketing Research and Market Analysis MKT201/301, and MAS202
MKT360 International Marketing MKT201/301
MKT469 International Marketing Management MKT302 (Pre or co-requisite) and
One (1) additional finance course at the 400 level.
All courses must be taken within the current prerequisite structure. Of special note: some 400 level finance courses require FIN303.

FINANCE - Department Code:  FIN


The Real Estate major in the Business School is created for students who want to apply the theoretical and analytical concepts of finance to real estate lending, investment and development. 


The importance of understanding developments in real estate and mortgage markets and the integration of real estate investments into the national and international economy have led to increased interest in this important field.  The real estate major strengthens ties with important segments of the business community and builds on the University’s strategic strengths in architecture (New Urbanism) and urban planning.


Important Note:  To major in Real Estate, a student must earn a grade of “B” (grade point of 3.0) or higher in FIN302 (note that a grade of “B-” does not qualify). 
Real Estate Majors should consider taking the courses necessary to meet the requirements of the Urban Studies Minor (For more information, contact the Director of the Urban Studies Program, Dr. Jan Nijman: 305-284-6692 or

The Real Estate Major consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours beyond the core (FIN302).  The following courses beyond the School of Business Administration core are required:

Required Courses Prerequisite(s)
Select either:
FIN 303 Intermediate Financial Management FIN302
FIN 320 Investment and Security Markets FIN302

Note: In choosing to take FIN303 and/or FIN320, students are strongly advised to consider the prerequisites of 400 level classes they might want to take later.

Select two courses from the following:
FIN427 Fixed Income Markets and Analysis FIN302, FIN320
FIN444 Real Estate Investment and Appraisal FIN302, FIN303 or FIN320
FIN445 Real Estate Finance FIN302, FIN303 or FIN320
BSL333 Real Estate Law BSL212
ARC584 Introduction to Real Estate Development
and New Urbanism
One (1) additional Finance or Business Law course at the 300 or 400 level available to be taken within the current pre-requisite structure.
Note: Students who do not already possess a valid real estate salespersons license may want to take Finance 340 (Principles of Real Estate) as their 300- or 400-level elective course.

Note: Students who have an interest in the marketing aspect of the real estate industry should also consider taking Marketing 340 (Personal Selling) as the upper-core elective in their program.