BUSINESS LAW - Department Code:  BSL
Business Law


The modern manager faces increasing legal implications in daily operations and in formulating business policy.  Consequently, effective decision-making requires an appreciation of the social, ethical, economic, and political bases of law as it relates to business. Business law courses provide the student with fundamental insight into legal institutions, the regulatory environment, and the nature of legal discourse, as well as an array of substantive principles of law, including such areas as contracts, sales, business organizations, and domestic and international commercial relationships. 


The primary goals of the Department of Business Law are to contribute to legal knowledge through conducting scholarly research, to disseminate it by publication in leading journals and law reviews, and to transmit that knowledge to students and the larger UM-wide, business, and professional communities.

These goals both inform and drive the Department’s educational objectives, which focus on:

• instilling in students a strong sense of the legal and ethical issues permeating business;

• aiding students’ comprehension of the legal and regulatory environment as well as the ethical considerations and substantive laws that shape business practices and policies; and

• developing students’ analytical and problem solving ability, as well as their oral and written presentation skills.


A Legal Studies major can earn either a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) by meeting the appropriate School of Business Administration requirements.


A student may major in Legal Studies. This course of study facilitates the interaction between legal counsel and the business manager, preparing graduates to excel in a wide variety of business pursuits.  A flexible, inherently cross-disciplinary course of study, the Legal Studies major can facilitate careers in such fields as risk management, compliance, human relations, marketing, finance and accounting, general business or non-profit management, health care, government, and small business ownership/entrepreneurship.  For some, it may also provide an appropriate foundation for the professional study of law.

The following comprises the coursework for a major in Legal Studies:
BSL212 Introduction to Business Law (required)
BSL485 Managing the Legal Factor (required in the student’s final semester)
Twelve (12) additional semester hours taken from the departmental offerings listed below:
BSL304 Corporate Law
BSL305 Legal and Social Aspects of Business Regulation
BSL313 Coastal Law
BSL314 Ocean Law
BSL333 Legal Aspects of Real Estate Transactions
BSL 401 The Law of Financial Transactions
BSL412 International Business Law
BSL424 Intellectual Property Law
BSL460 Health Care Law and Ethics


Students in the School of Business Administration as well as students in the other schools and colleges of the University of Miami may minor in Business Law.  Like the Legal Studies major, the minor is a flexible one, permitting business and non-business students alike to augment their studies with an appreciation of the role of law and ethics in global citizenship as well as in the student’s chosen corporate, creative, scientific, academic, professional, or personal endeavors.

Twelve semester hours are required for the minor, including BSL 212 and BSL 485, plus six (6) additional semester hours taken from departmental offerings, excluding BSL 575.