The minor in Urban Studies provides undergraduate students with a flexible concentration in interdisciplinary studies of cities, urbanism, and urbanity. Urban Studies is a long established academic field, especially prominent in major cities in the United States. Course work combines a practical focus on Metropolitan Miami with more general attention to urban theory and globalization from a global perspective.

The minor has a liberal arts orientation and includes perspectives from the social sciences, architecture, and history. It is a useful complement to majors such as Geography, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature, International Studies, Economics, Political Science, and others. The minor is also of particular interest to students in Architecture Communication and Business. Courses in the Minor are taught in the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Architecture. Note that there are slightly different requirements for ARC students. 



 Students must complete 15 credits (five courses);

 In all five courses, students must achieve a minimum grade of C- with a 2.0 overall GPA;

 All minors are required to take two core courses:
- URB 201 Metropolitan Miami, 3 cr.
- URB 301 Cities in Time and Space, 3 cr.

 In addition, students must select three courses from the list of Optional Courses, below. All are 3-credit courses. ARC students may select no more than one ARC course while Non-ARC students must select at least one ARC course. Note that URB 201 or URB 301 will suffice as prerequisites for any of these courses.
- AMS 350 History and Culture of South Florida
- ARC 390/590 History of Cities
- ARC 541 Seminar on Town Design
- ARC 546 Studies of Havana
- ARC 554 Architecture of South Florida
- ARC 584 Special Topics: On-Site Survey of European Architecture and Urbanism
- APY 420 Archaeology, Architecture, and the City
- ENG 395 Latino/a Metropolis
- FIN 340 Real Estate Principles
- GEG 430 World Cities
- GEG 511 Spaces of Hope
- GEG 522 Urbanization in the Developing World
- GEG 523 Seminar in Urban Management
- INS 504 Human Security and Urban Violence  
- SOC 304 Dynamics of Poverty in the United States
- SOC 368 Violence in America
- SOC 386 US Immigration
- HIS 369 Introduction to Urban America
- HIS 371 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in American History
- POL 343 Government in Metropolitan Areas

Other courses may be approved upon request; please consult the program Director, Dr. Jan Nijman at Nijman@miami.edu.