Degree in Teacher Education for Elementary and Secondary Schools

The School of Education in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Music offers a degree program in teacher education. Students majoring in Elementary may choose to earn their degree through the School of Education or the College of Arts and Sciences.

The program in Secondary Education enables a student to teach in a secondary school in the areas of English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies or Political Science. Students wishing to earn certification in Secondary Education must complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in Secondary Education. *



The requirements for a minor in education consist of 15-credits passed with a C or higher, with an overall GPA of 2.5 in courses selected from the list of acceptable TAL departmental courses. A minimum of six credits must be numbered 300 or higher. This minor does not lead to teaching credentials.


The Professional Training Option (PTO) is a Florida Department of Education approved pathway for non-education majors to complete the Professional component, one of the requirements to become a certified teacher in the State of Florida.

The PTO minor ranges from 17- 18-credits. Upon completion of the program participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. UM transcripts will indicate that the student has completed a Florida State approved PTO program. Program completers will be eligible to apply for a Temporary Teaching Certificate in the State of Florida.

* For specific information regarding required coursework, field experiences, and State requirements, please see an academic advisor in the School of Education.

Courses for the PTO minor are:

TAL101 Social and Technological Foundations of Education
TAL103 Psychological Foundations of Education
TAL304 Content Area Reading and Learning Strategies
TAL305 Classroom and Behavior Management
TAL540 Instruction and Assessment in the Secondary School
One course selected from the following list as appropriate for the subject area
TAL506 Issues and Strategies for ESOL
TAL524 Education and the Arts
TAL541 Instruction in Secondary English
TAL542 Instruction in Secondary Mathematics
TAL543 Instruction in Secondary Science
TAL544 Instruction in Secondary Social Studies


All education programs are approved by the State of Florida Department of Education.

* For specific information regarding required coursework, please see an education advisor.