The Miami Semester

The Miami Semester provides the opportunity for degree-seeking students attending other colleges to spend a semester or summer in Miami living, studying and doing research at the University of Miami.  Domestic or international students can take advantage of these unique discipline or topic focused programs.  Each Miami Semester program is designed to highlight the programs unique to the University, taking advantage of our geographical location, nationally known faculty, and unique environmental features. 

The Miami Semester is limited to degree-seeking undergraduates in good standing attending other universities and colleges. Participating students will be required to take at least one to two core courses in their chosen program. Course offerings are subject to change depending on availability. Students may be accommodated in the fall semester; however, this is determined on a case by case basis.

Spring Programs

American Studies

This program allows students to select one to two courses from among the American Studies (AMS) Program’s core courses, and classes from other departments based on availability and interests.  It is an interdisciplinary approach for students to reflect on the interrelated nature of subjects like, but not limited to, Sociology, Geography, History, and Anthropology, and topics that are relevant to today’s society such as cultural diversity, the global economy, regional and geographical norms, and popular culture. The goal of this program is to assist in students’ understanding of the world around them by analyzing events, policies, societal norms and cultures, and historical events. Students may take any combination of courses that equal at least 12 credit hours.
Core Courses:
Students must enroll in at least one (1) of the following:
Introduction to American Studies AMS 101
The U.S., Transnationalism, and Globalism AMS 310
History and Culture of South Florida AMS 350
Additional Courses
Race and Healthcare in America AMS 401

Architecture: New Urbanism

The program allows for students currently majoring in Architecture at other colleges and universities to gain perspective of the field in South Florida. Students enroll in six credits of Architectural Design and six to nine credits of related electives or courses in Urban Studies.  Students will also have opportunities to participate in study abroad programs in London, Venice, and/or Spain during intersession and spring breaks as an additional enrollment option (additional tuition and program fees apply). Students are required to maintain a standard full-load of credits for the spring semester of 12-15 UM credits.

Core Courses: (students must submit a design portfolio prior to enrolling in courses)
Students enroll in one (1) of the following:
Architectural Design VII ARC 407
Architectural Design VIII ARC 408
Architectural Design IX ARC 509
Architectural Design X ARC 510
Additional Courses
Site Study of Selected Architecture and Urbanism (Intersession/Study Abroad) ARC 323 Management of Professional Practice ARC 452
Advanced Visual Analysis ARC 512
General Physics for Architectural Majors PHY 103
Cities in Time and Space URB 301
Other Architecture elective course offerings (Interior Design, Landscape, and Historic Preservation)

Audio Engineering
Audio Engineering allows for students currently majoring in Electrical Engineering to study areas such as circuit theory, electronics, signal processing and multimedia with audio studies in acoustics, digital audio, recording and postproduction. Students must enroll in a minimum of two Electrical Engineering courses from the core courses.  Students may also opt to add courses in other areas based on availability and interests.
Core Courses:
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing EEN 436
Real-time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory EEN 437
Engineering Acoustics EEN 502
Digital Speech and Audio EEN 540
Additional Courses:
Advanced Digital Compositing for Film and Video EEN 595
Advanced Computer Modeling and 3D Animation EEN 596
Advanced Audio Editing for Film and Video EEN xxx
Courses available through the Frost School of Music:
Audio Workshop MMI 141
Transducer Theory MMI 501

Ecosystem Science and Policy

The Certificate in Ecosystem Science and Policy provides an opportunity for students from other universities to explore the South Florida environment, ecology and culture via interdisciplinary courses and experiential learning.

Students must take at least two core courses in Ecosystem Science and Policy.  Miami Semester students will complete their schedules with courses chosen from among the interdisciplinary ECS courses and from other departments based on availability and interests.

Core Courses for sophomores:

Problems in Ecosystem Science and Policy ECS 112
Contemporary Environmental Issues ECS 202

Core Courses for juniors and seniors:

Contemporary Environmental Issues ECS 202
Perspectives on Environmental Decisions ECS 302
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Complex Human-Environmental Problems ECS 403

International Finance and Marketing

The Certificate in International Finance and Marketing is designed for business students from other universities who want to add an international dimension to their studies.  This program allows students to select from a limited set of courses offered by the School of Business.  The program focuses on the international aspects of business.  The program is open to students with at least a junior standing who have met the course prerequisites. Students must take at least two courses below, but may take all four.

Core Courses: 

International Finance FIN 330
International Marketing MKT 360
International Monetary Economics ECO 442
International Business Law BSL 412

Marine Science

The Certificate in Marine Science is a hands-on study opportunity for those interested in marine science, oceanography, geology and marine physics. Students must enroll in a minimum of three Marine Science courses.  In addition, highly qualified students may be eligible for an independent study research project.  Students may also opt to add courses in other areas based on availability and interests.

Sport Administration

Sport Administration is an opportunity for students who are interested in the ethics, leadership, and business of managing athletic organizations. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship that fits their interest area as well taking hands-on courses in the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences. Internships may take place within the UM Athletic Department or local professional sport franchises. Students make take any combination of courses that equal at least 12 credit hours.

Core Courses:
Sport Facilities and Event Management ESS 206
Sport Marketing ESS 302
Essential Leadership in Sports and the Professions ESS 306
Ethics Ethical Decision Making in Sport and the Professions ESS 308
Legal Aspects of Sport ESS 401
Sport Information Management ESS 403
Finance and Budget in Sport Administration ESS 405
Seminar in Sport Administration (internship) ESS 498