Dept. Codes:  FRE, GER, ITA, MLL (former FLL) POR, SPA


The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers programs leading to the Ph.D. in Romance Studies with concentrations in French and Spanish.
Graduate course work comprehends all major periods and areas, providing the breadth needed for interdisciplinary work and required of today’s teachers.
The program is designed to prepare students for careers as university professors, teachers and research scholars. It includes training in advanced language, teaching, and research skills that may also contribute to other professions.

For additional information on teaching and research opportunities, faculty, program policies and application requirements, visit

The Ph.D. in Romance Studies (with concentrations in French and Spanish) is designed to prepare you for a career as a university professor and research scholar. It also provides training in advanced language, teaching, and research skills that can be used in other professions. The requirements set out below for the Ph.D. in Romance Studies are minimum requirements; the Committee on Graduate Studies, the Director of Graduate Studies, or your advisor may set additional requirements.

a)  for students entering on the “five year plan” (B.A. or M. A., see below), passing satisfactorily a minimum of 45 credits in approved courses;

b)  for students entering on the “four year plan” (M.A., see below) passing satisfactorily a minimum of 36 credits in approved courses;

2.  passing “Introduction to Literary Theory” (MLL 611; former MLL 505), “Introduction to Modern Language Teaching” (MLL 611; former MLL 503), and a minimum of 3 graded credits in each of the following areas:

• Middle Ages and/or 16th Century
• 17th Century and/or 18th Century
• 19th Century and/or 20th Century
• Francophone Studies
• Middle Ages and/or Golden Age
• 18th-19th-Century Spain and/or 20th-
  Century Spain
• Colonial Latin America
• 19th-Century Latin America
• 20th-Century Latin America

Note: Ordinarily, students will take at least two graduate courses in the department each semester.

3.  in addition to proficiency in English and the language of study, demonstrating the following

a)  reading knowledge of two other languages, or

b)  holistic knowledge of one other language by passing the equivalent of a course on at least the 300-level;

Note: In consultation with the student’s advisor, appropriate languages of study will be determined (e.g. Latin American literature students may be encouraged to study Portuguese; students of Early Modern literature may be encouraged to study Italian, etc.)

c) if area of specialization is Medieval or Early Modern (including Colonial Latin
  America), then also demonstrating reading knowledge of Latin.

4.  passing a breadth exam that covers either three periods in one region or two periods in two regions;

5.  passing a qualifying exam, on an approved topic;
The exam includes three general approaches that focus on literature, theory, and a cognate discipline (e.g. history, sociology, art, film, etc.);

6.  successfully defending a dissertation prospectus;

7.  completing and defending satisfactorily a dissertation;

8.  satisfying the requirements of the Graduate School as stated in the Bulletin.


We accept applications for Fall admission only, and only for doctoral study (we do not have an independent Master’s program). You may apply for the Ph.D. while holding either a B.A. or an M.A. degree.

The priority deadline to apply to begin classes in Fall 2011 is December 1, 2010 (all fellowships and most teaching assistantships are awarded to those who apply by this deadline). However, we will continue to accept applications through January 15, 2011.

Your completed application must include the following (incomplete applications will not be considered):

1. A completed application form, including a detailed statement of purpose. We only accept on-line applications. Visit our web page for on-line application instructions:

2. A completed Graduate Assistantship Application (to be considered for departmental and university awards).

3. Three substantial letters of recommendation (please provide each recommender with a cover sheet, available on line at: Or use CollegeNet interface capability to have recommenders submit letters of recommendation online.

4. GRE scores, mailed directly from the testing agency (optional if you hold an M.A. degree and do not wish to be considered for fellowships. But we strongly recommend that you take the GRE because in case of equal qualifications we will give priority to student’s files that show GRE scores. Please remember to request school code to be 005815 for the University of Miami and Dept. Code 2603 copy for French and Dept. Code 2608 copy for Spanish.)

5. Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities you have attended and listed in your application. If the transcripts are from international institutions, you must provide an official translation.

6. A substantial writing sample in English (research papers are preferable)

7. A substantial writing sample in the language of study (French or Spanish; research papers are preferable)

8. International students only: TOEFL scores, mailed directly from the testing agency

9. Application fee of $65.00.

Letters of recommendation and other printed materials should be sent to:

Graduate Program Admissions
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
University of Miami
P. O. Box 248093
Coral Gables, Florida 33124-4650
FAX: 305-284-2068

We strongly encourage African-American and Hispanic candidates to apply for the Florida Education Fund domestic African American and Hispanic McKnight Doctoral Fellowships. Applications must be postmarked no later than January 15th of each year. The Fellowship is open to any incoming domestic Ph.D. African American or Hispanic student in ANY discipline. You may apply online at The Florida Education Fund may be reached at (813) 272-2772. If an applicant who is accepted into our Ph. D. program receives a McKnight Fellowship, the College of Arts and Sciences will increase the amount of the fellowship’s stipend to match the current Teaching Assistantship stipend amount. Please note:  If an applicant encounters any difficulty submitting the online application, the applicant should contact the FEF webmaster at or call 813-943-7578 for assistance.