Organization and Time Management

How to get your work done and still have time for a life. Learn about goal setting, handling procrastination, and organizing your time. We’ll provide the tools you need to get your schedule on track!
* Center for Student Leadership Certificate Program credit
* Miami Commitment credit

Getting the Most from Reading Your Textbooks

Become a more “active” reader. Learn strategies to enhance your attention and comprehension while reading and create useful study/review notes from your readings for later test preparation.

Managing Midterms, Papers, and Projects

Learn how to break term projects into manageable pieces and make a schedule that will allow you to finish by the due date! Get advice on research, writing, and editing your work.

Effective Note-Taking

Become a more accurate and effective note-taker using a modified version of the Cornell Note-taking Method. Learn what to do before, during, and after class to improve your listening and learning in the classroom.
* Center for Student Leadership Certificate Program credit

Getting It Done Without Getting in Trouble: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

This workshop offers clear, usable definitions of cheating and plagiarism, as well as hands-on practice attributing sources. Learn surprising facts about cheating and gain information about how you can protect yourself from the temptation to cheat.
* Center for Student Leadership Certificate Program credit

This Is Only A Test: How To Survive Finals

Improve your test preparation and performance. Learn how to plan for exams and study actively to make efficient use of study time—techniques for answering multiple-choice questions and how to analyze the wording of essay questions.

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