Email Alias Policy

Effective Date:

April 15, 2008

Date(s) Reviewed:

Date (s) Revised:


The University of Miami’s mission is to educate and nurture students, to create knowledge, and to provide service to our community and beyond. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability are extremely important requirements regarding electronic messaging at the University of Miami. Assigning the University Community a permanent internal email address establishes a reliable framework for secure communication. To uphold these principles, the Email Alias Policy establishes requirements for selecting and configuring an email alias for any mail system associated with the University.


This policy applies to all University employees, students, and any other users who have been granted an email alias.


Email: Is an abbreviation used for electronic mail, which is a store and forward method of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.

Preferred email address: A preferred email address identifies a location where email messages can be delivered and is automatically created when a user receives a mailbox on any server throughout the University of Miami (i.e.

Email Alias: An email alias is an additional email address configured for a mailbox via user input. For example, whether email is addressed to the preferred email address sebastian@exchange, (that was automatically generated) or to the email alias (that was selected by the user), it will be delivered to the same mailbox. The email alias can be changed if the user has a legal name change or to resolve abuse or SPAM issues.

Internal University of Miami email server: A system owned, configured and maintained by the University that provides users with electronic email services and with a domain name of either or


The University of Miami allows a user to have a preferred email address and an email alias. The requirements for establishing an email alias are as follows:


    The alias must be unique.

    The alias can contain alphanumeric characters, and periods (no underscores, dashes or special characters).

    Aliases must be based on the individual’s actual name. For example, if a user’s name is John P. Smith he may be granted an alias of Johnny, but he would not be granted nicknames such as strongman, or gocars.

    All email aliases must point to the internal preferred email address (internal University of Miami email servers). Aliases are not allowed to reference external mail providers (i.e., Hotmail, Yahoo, BellSouth, etc.).


Only existing email aliases currently configured to reference external providers will be allowed to remain. Any new requests to point existing email aliases to external providers will be denied.


End User Support:


    Responsible for configuring an email alias and will escalate to Human Resources in the event a request poses a concern.

Human Resources:


    Responsible for reviewing any email alias requests that are escalated to them from the End User Support group.

Chief Security Officer (CSO):


    Responsible for monitoring the enforcement of the policy.


Violations of the policy will be addressed by the individual’s respective disciplinary policies and procedures. All known and/or suspected violations must be reported to the applicable Network/Systems Administrator or their management. The Information Security Department must be notified of any reports within 24 hours of the claim at The appropriate University administrative office will investigate all allegations of policy violation with the assistance of the Department of Information Technology, General Counsel, and the Department of Human Resources.

Any faculty/staff found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or termination of employment.