The UM Graduate School has subscribed to The Versatile PhD to provide Ph.D.s and ABDs with non-academic career development resources

Coral Gables, FL (October 25, 2012) – The Graduate School has subscribed to premium content for The Versatile PhD, a web-based community that provides career development resources and helps Ph.D. and ABD (all but dissertation) students explore non-academic career options to inform them about their career choices after graduation.

National concern in the production, perhaps overproduction, of Ph.D.s has been a point of discussion over the past few years.1 However, many (including UM’s Graduate School) see that this represents an opportunity to open fruitful conversations with respect to the myriad of places where Ph.D. graduates can make impacts that transcend academia.2

“Although the University of Miami aspires to develop Ph.D.s who become leaders at elite academic institutions, we also believe that it is important for the Graduate School to support emerging trends where our most highly-educated graduates can also make comprehensive contributions to non-academic places, such as industry, government, and nonprofit organizations,” says Dr. Koren Bedeau, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School.

Universities around the country are beginning to offer resources that provide their students with all potential post-Ph.D.-graduation avenues.3,4

“A strategy of the UM Graduate School is to promote contemporary practices with regard to graduate instruction as we look in to the future and the change of student demographics. I am delighted that Dr. Bedeau has broadened our offerings to students in this way,” says Dr. M. Brian Blake, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School.

The Versatile PhD (VPhD) is available to all graduate students. In this virtual community, doctoral students can explore opportunities available to them in fields outside of academia and communicate with members who have successful careers. Premium content is available to UM students who register via the link. Examples of premium content include successful resumes and cover letters, success stories, career autobiographies, and access to archived panel discussions.

The Graduate School promotes the use of resources that help graduate students attain their career goals.

The University of Miami Graduate School offers over 150 graduate programs in Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Marine and Atmospheric Science, Music, Medicine, and Nursing and Health Studies. The mission of the Graduate School at the University of Miami is to foster and promote graduate education, scholarship, and research.


If you would like more information about this new service, please contact the University of Miami Graduate School at (305) 284-4154 or at

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