Learn what it takes to be a college or university professor when you participate in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) at the University of Miami!

What's PFF?
The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program is part of a national movement to change the way that master's, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates prepare for careers in the professoriate.

The PFF program provides professional development opportunities for aspiring faculty members through observation and direct experience. By incorporating knowledge from a variety of institutions, students are aware of the diversity that exists in higher education, which includes doctoral institutions, liberal arts colleges, master’s universities and community colleges.

PFF is sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC & U). Since its inception in 1993, the PFF initiative has been implemented in more than 45 doctoral degree-granting institutions and 300 partner institutions in the United States.

For more general information about PFF, please visit www.preparing-faculty.org.

The PFF program at UM provides students with professional development opportunities that focuses on faculty roles and responsibilities, which include teaching, research and service. Students will receive mentorship from experienced and senior faculty members and they’ll learn about the types of higher education institutions that exist.

How to Participate
PFF seeks students who show great potential for careers in academe. The Graduate School solicits nominations from graduate program directors in September of each academic year. Self nominations will also be accepted at that time.

For more information about UM's PFF program, please contact the Graduate School at (305) 284-4154 or e-mail graduateschool@miami.edu. You may also download our PFF brochure (PDF).