The following information outlines our policies regarding Research Assistants (RAs), Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graduate Assistants (GAs) obtaining employment outside of their position as an RA/TA/GA.

1. A graduate student must have prior approval from the chair or advisor to work outside the department, since such activities might impede progress toward degree.  Any question or concern should be discussed with the Dean of the Graduate School.

A graduate student is allowed to supplement his or her stipend by tutoring undergraduate students in courses in which he or she has no direct responsibility at the time.

3. A graduate student who is teaching a class or lab of a multi-section course that uses a common syllabus and common exams may not tutor any student in any section of that course.
4. A graduate student, like any other member of the teaching faculty, may offer review sessions for his or her students to which he or she may invite students from other sections of the same course. The graduate student arranging such a sessions may not under any circumstances take money from the students in attendance.
5. A graduate student may use his or her office for tutoring or may ask departmental permission to use a classroom or other appropriate university facility.

The graduate advisor or department chair may require a graduate student to limit his or her outside employment or tutoring activity if, in the view of the department, such activity is impeding the graduate student’s academic progress of keeping him or her from fulfilling responsibilities within the department.