Dean’s Fellows

The Dean’s Fellowship at the University of Miami Graduate School is offered to students who, through their past academic performance, are distinguished within our application pool. The Fellowship is intended to entice some of our strongest candidates even more than the traditional UM Fellowships.  In addition to what is required by the UM Fellowship, the Dean’s Fellowship recipients will also receive from The Graduate School several additional benefits including: 1) $2000 in research travel reimbursements (in the years that they receive the Dean’s Fellowship and at a maximum of $1000 per year). 2) 100% Healthcare subsidy (during the Dean’s Fellowship years), 3) A Special Recognition Dinner with their Dean, the Dean of the Graduate School, and Provost and/or President (as their schedules are available), and 4) Special Recognition in printed/web media internal and external to the University.

- Dean’s Fellows 2015 - 2016

- Dean’s Fellows 2014 - 2015