Graduate students at UM are encouraged to explore all of the financial resources available to them. We advise students to begin (and not limit) their search with the following resources:

Fellowships Find a fellowship to help fund your education. This page is updated to reflect the most current fellowship information available.

Please Note: Links to resources and organizations/programs external to the University of Miami does not imply endorsement of funds or services provided by these organizations/programs. This information has been gathered by previous graduate students who have found these resources helpful in financing their UM education.
GAFAC Funding GAFAC (Graduate Activity Fee Allocation Committee) is a committee made up of your peers, consisting of one graduate student representative and one alternate from each of the schools and colleges at the University of Miami, with the exception of programs in law, medicine, and marine.

The GAFAC committee oversees the distribution of the unallocated portion of the Graduate Activity Fee to individuals and groups of students throughout the school year. Students may request funding for events such as conferences, performances, exhibitions, publications, field research and filmmaking. Visit the GAFAC website for more details.
Need-Based Financial Assistance To be eligible for need-based aid, U.S. citizens are encouraged to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our Office of Financial Assistance will guide you through the process of applying for and receiving a need-based financial aid award. Click here to learn more about need-based financial aid.
Short-Term Loans Short Term Loans are available for currently enrolled graduate students who hold an assistantship or fellowship, and have a need (ie: books, rent, meals) for an advance. The limit is $500 with no more than one outstanding loan at any given time. For additional details, please contact the Graduate School at (305) 284-4154.
Tax Questions Graduate students often have questions about the tax implications of their financial or employment status as Graduate Assistants (G.A.), Research Assistants (R.A.), Teaching Assistants (T.A.) or as recipients of fellowships or scholarships. Please refer to IRS Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Education) on the IRS website and/or your personal tax advisor. Plan ahead. We encourage you to explore this concern prior to tax season. Visit to learn more.